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Of a Dying Atheist... XD

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Friends Only

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~~* Me *~~

I wish I was a student at the The University of Texas at Austin, and I might be sometime soon! I'm pretty nice. Most of the time. I like the color red. And puppies. Anything else about me, you'll just have to find out for yourself. Oooo, I'm so mysterious...

Oh, yeah. This LJ is Friends Only mostly because I keep it to post things to the friends I already know in real life. It's pretty personal here, though not really angsty. I'm open to new lj friends, but don't feel bad if I don't add you back or unfriend you some day. Nothing personal.

~~* Info/Stats/Favs *~~

Nicknames- Cookie, Kitty, Ho, Ho-chan, Hoyame
Eye color- brown
Hair color- dark brown
Zodiac signs- Saggitarius and Tiger
Personality Type- ENFP
Languages- English, Spanish
Status- single
Fav. colors- red
Fav. season- fall
Fav. food- fried catfish, sushi, and subs
Fav. dessert- strawberry cheesecake and chocolate cake with chocolate on top and a cherry.
Fav. anime- Cowboy Bebop, Loveless, Yami no Matsuei, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Gankutsuou
Fav. manga- Love Mode, Bleach, Fruits Basket, Gravitation, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Antique Bakery
Fav. videogame- Xenosaga, Dead or Alive Ultimate, Halo, House of the Dead III, Soul Calibur II
Fav. subject- Social Sciences, History, Art
Least Fav. subject- Geometery
Fav. superhero(s)- Spiderman & Batman
Fav. movies- Moulin Rouge, The Last Samurai, Shawshank Redemption, Aliens, Love Actually, House of Flying Daggers, Batman Begins…
Fav. books- Les Miserables, The Vampire Lestat, Count of Monte Cristo
Music- Almost everything except Country. And I despise cheesy Christian music.
Current fav. song- "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley
Fav. animals- tigers, foxes, and Kitsune(my dog)

~~* Rated As... *~~

Arisawa Tatsuki in bleach_rating

Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV in bebop_rating

Kagura Sohma in furuba_rating

Shuichi Shindou in gravirating

Uzumaki Naruto in ninjafy

Wakaba in sku_rating

And supposedly look like Ohura according to tsubasa_mirror

~~* Colorbars/Banners *~~

Chibi Genin are

Sohmas are Love

Mabudachi trio is love. <3

Fai x Kurogane is

Ichigo is heroic love.

Ishida is dorky love.

Urahara is exiled love.

Hanatarou is male nurse love.

Ritsuka is Love

~~* Fanlistings *~~

aestheticism, agnosticism, amusement parks, animals, anime, anthropology, archaeology, archery, art, beaches, biking, bleach, books, candy, cats, cds, cheesecake, chocolate, choir, christmas, coconut, coffee, college, comedians, computers, cookies, costa rica, cowboy bebop, cute blondes, cute things, ddr, democrats, dogs, doujinshi, drawing, dvds, dynasty warriors, europe, fake, fanart, food, foxes, frappuccino, fruits basket, funny people, gaara, gackt, go!go!7188, gothic things, halloween, hello kitty, hiking, hitting things, holidays, hotheads, hyde, icecream, icons, incubus, indiana jones, insomnia, inuyasha, j-pop, j-rock, japan, japanese, jesus, jewelry, johnny depp, karaoke, kitsune, kyo sohma, l'arc~en~ciel, les miserables, lestat, love, love mode, manga, martial arts, men, money, moulin rouge, movies, mushrooms, music, musicals, my family, my friends, naruto, nature, nicole kidman, ninjas, no doubt, outlaw star, painting, pictures, pirates, pizza, portuguese, pretty boys, rain, ramen, reading, red, religion, resident evil, rollerblading, running, samurai, sarcasm, scary movies, shiba inus, shigure sohma, shikamaru, shoes, shopping, silliness, singing, sleeping, smimming, soap operas, spanish, spiderman, stars, strawberry cheesecake, sugar, sunny days, sushi, taking pictures, talking, thanksgiving, the french revolution, the ghostbusters, the internet, the matrix, the nightmare before christmas, tigers, tom cruise, traveling, trigun, tropical things, vampire hunter d, vampires, vash, video games, weightlifting, writing, xenosaga, yaoi, your mom